Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule


Hourly Care Service


Includes all services provided by CMHC staff, Personal care + Medication Assist, Domestic Assistance, Social Support, Meal Prep, Shopping, some Gardening, Transport or accompanied travel to



$150.00 average rate

Only provided as an external (brokered) service, agency fees, P/H + WE rates, and travel costs may apply

Overnight 12-hour

Respite/ Presence Care

$ 320.00 per night

$ 660.00 active shift

Services include all ADLs and IADLs

Includes an 8-hour rest period for staff

24-hour Presence Care

24-hour Active Night Care

$ 590.00 per day

$ 1200.00 per day

all ADLs and IADLs, on hand for 24 hrs, active care for 8 hrs

all ADLs and IADLs, on active duty 24 hrs

Full week 24-hour Live-In Presence Care

(rest period for staff)

$ 4200.00 per week

services include all ADLs and IADLs plus all driving cost with or for client, only

available for short-term Respite

Assisted Holiday Travel

$ 2100.00 per week

In addition to all travel and insurance costs, accommodation and meals

services include all ADLs and IADLs


Care Management

Level 1 – $32.10

Level 2 – $56.46

Level 3 – $122.86

Level 4 – $186.25

Fees per fortnight, 7.5% of basic funding amount


Package Management

Level 1 – $32.10

Level 2 – $56.46

Level 3 – $122.86

Level 4 – $186.25

Fees per fortnight, 7.5% of basic funding amount

  • Mileage for travel to and from client’s charged at either $ 0.80 cent per kilometre (for 100 km return travel), or charged by average fuel cost + one-off usage fee of $ 25.00 per tank (exceeding 100km return)
  • No extra charges for weekends or public holidays except Good Friday + Christmas Day (2.5 x regular rate)
  • Mileage in a CMHC car during and for the purpose of client’s services will be chargedat a rate of $ 0.80 cents per km
  • Transport and Assisted Travel will be negotiated individually
  • Daily meal allowance of $ 25.00 or supply of meals for the care staff for 24hr care
  • GST may be applicable, please inquire
  • Home Care Packages Level 1 – 4 also available (no exit fees)

All services include Client Consultation, Care Management and Administration, Home Care Package Care + Package Management incurs a monthly 15% Administration Fee.

50 % deposit of the service fee required from private clients before start of services, payment of the remainder within 7 working days of end of service period.

50% Cancellation fees of the booked and agreed quote/ purchase order charged if cancellation is not given earlier than 24 hours before start of service, 100% fees payable if cancellation is after start of scheduled service time.

10% surcharge of the full invoice will be charged for late invoice payment (overdue by 7 days or more)