Accompanied Travel

Do you have day surgery or a hospital stay in Perth planned, but nobody to take you there or stay by your side and assist you?

Country Mile Home Care can pick you up from home, make sure you arrive at your destination safely, assist you with your luggage, help you through the admissions process and stay to be there when you need help. We will also assist you with discharge from hospital, ensure you have all your belongings, pick up prescription medications, return you home and stay with you as needed.


Do you want to tick off your bucket list?

Country Mile Home Care also specialise in traveling the extra mile with you to national and international destinations to enable you to visit the family “back home” or the place you were born, see the world or re-visit special places in your heart.

If you want to travel and need assistance – we are happy to accompany you and take care of all personal care, forward planning, managing accommodation and luggage requirements and transport during travels.
This very individualised service needs time to prepare, so please make sure you contact the Service Manager well in advance.